Social Media.

These days it’s about so much more than sharing photos with family, tracking down old school mates and long lost cousins or keeping tabs on your favourite celebrities.

It’s now one of the most powerful ways to market your biz by sharing your brand identity, connecting with your consumers and showcasing your products and services.

It harnesses the power of virtual word-of-mouth.

We have been running an article series called ‘Let’s Get Social’, where we’ve picked the brains of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable Social Media and Digital Marketing gurus to offer you, our tribe, some brilliant insights, tips and step-by-step guides to help you leverage and get the most from different social media channels.  

We’ve filled you in on all the best bits and how-tos when it comes to Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Now, as part of the final two articles in our series, we’ve called on our favourite online business coach and content strategist for rising entrepreneurs, Jenna Black, to offer some food for thought around building your list and creating email opt-ins that pack a real punch. Enjoy!


You’ve probably heard the saying the money is in the list” one too many times, and rather than bore you with another repetition of this common phrase, I want to switch your focus towards email marketing and see it in a brand new light!

Here’s what I believe:

The money is in the relationship you have with your community and your list is the bridge that connects you with your people. 

Think about it this way — your clients are buying from you because they both trust you and value what you’re selling, and this relationship building can take time and consistent nurturing.

Rather than focusing on ‘your list’ as a pot of sales waiting to happen, you should be focusing on the potential relationships you can build with your community to be able to sell consistently.

Are you ready to switch your focus towards email marketing and bring new energy into your list building tactics? Great!

Today I want to share with you the three key steps you should take to build a profitable and engaged email list that makes money authentically and consistently.      BK04


The subscriber journey: think from your dream client’s viewpoint

The first crucial step in building your list is to think from the viewpoint of your dream client as they decide to join your community. If you’re like me, you’ll sign up to a new list because you can see the value that the business is offering and you want to be a part of it and hear more.

The biggest mistake people make in list building is they don’t stop to think about the entire process of the subscriber journey, and instead they focus on what they think is best.

To get really savvy with your list building, it’s important to really step into your dream client’s shoes and focus on the key steps in their journey that you can improve and utilise to make their experience memorable, authentic and highly valuable.

The subscriber journey looks a little like this:

  • They come across a piece of valuable content that entices them to seek out your business further — for example a blog post or your lead magnet landing page
  • You offer them an irresistible lead magnet that they sign up to because they see the value you’re sharing
  • They join your list, engage with your lead magnet and (hopefully) stick around to hear more from you

When you approach your own list, I encourage you to look at the entire process from your leads perspective and ask yourself, how can I improve and utilise this step in their journey to seriously make an impact on them?”

Here are two key ways to improve the subscriber journey:


Make your lead magnet actionable and relevant

  • Make it bite sized and easy to consume — you want to encourage your subscriber to take action immediately
  • Make it relevant to your target market — do your homework and research their needs, desires and wants so you can actively solve a problem they have. This is key!
  • Ensure that the landing page or lead magnet form is clear and concise

 Stay tuned – I’m going to go into the finer details of creating amazing ‘can’t say no’ lead magnets in the next post in this Let’s Get Social series. It’s going to be filled with actionable tips!


Utilise your thank-you page

  • Create an engaging thank you page after a subscriber has joined your list. This is a key time to introduce your business further or encourage them to join your social media communities.
  • Make it share-worthy — encourage your subscriber to share your lead magnet with a friend to build your community from the thank you page

Again, we’ll go into more detail on creating amazingly tempting lead magnets in the next post in this series.


Nurture your list with engaging high value content

Once your lovely subscriber has joined your community and used your lead magnet, it’s time to build the trust and share the love with them to encourage them to stick around. This step is really about nurturing your list and sharing high value content with them consistently.

One of the common mistakes I see here, is that after a subscriber joins up, they receive their lead magnet and then…crickets.

It’s vital to nurture your new subscriber in the first few weeks of joining your community. This is when they are most likely intrigued and active, so it’s a great time to share extra value loaded content!


Set up an auto-responder series

The best way to nurture your new subscriber is to create an auto-responder series that takes them through a series of emails educating them on your business, and your best content too. This is a great way to save time, but continue to build valuable relationships with your community.


Drop value bombs on a regular basis

Your brand new subscriber has joined your list for one key reason — they see value in what you’re sharing to the world! Dropping regular value bombs is the best way to keep them motivated, intrigued and ready to buy.

Before sending your emails, take a minute to ask yourself whether you’re sharing something of high value to your community;

  • Is your content easy to consume and instantly actionable?
  • Are you sharing VIP content with your list that gives them an extra bonus to being a subscriber?
  • Are you involving them in the conversation and making your content relevant to their world?

Expert tip: try batching your newsletter content to cover you for a few weeks at a time. It’s motivating to know you’re working ahead of the game!


Focus on long-term relationship building

The final step in building a profitable and engaging list is to focus on long-term relationship building with your community. A common mistake I see is business owners getting ‘lazy’ with their list, by either forgetting to email consistently or sharing content that is a bit ‘so-so’.

If you are deciding to focus on email marketing (which I highly recommend), please make it a priority in your business or don’t do it at all. It’s really that simple!

Providing consistent value and being of service to your list community is the key to building long-term relationships. It’s crucial to really get to know your list and who is part of your community, so don’t be shy to ask them what they want!

Here are a few final tips to take you from list shyness to profit and engagement:

  • Ask your list community what they want from you — encourage them to email you and really start a conversation (great for solopreneurs)
  • Plan ahead of time— to stay savvy and keep dropping value bombs, it’s crucial to get prepared with your list and know what you’re going to send ahead of time. Content preparation is key.
  • Continue to go ‘above and beyond’ — the best email communities are the ones that really ‘wow’ you! Focus on sharing high touch, high value content and your community will never want to click ‘unsubscribe’ again.


Are you ready to grow your list with passion, value and authenticity? In the next post in the Let’s Get Social series, I’ll be taking you through the key steps to take to create an amazing ‘can’t say no’ lead magnet.

Stay tuned and happy list building!



Jenna Black is an online business coach for rising female entrepreneurs and bloggers. With over 8 years experience in online business, Jenna works with women from around the world to help them build their online empire with purpose, strategy and heart.

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Jenna Black is a business and personal brand strategist. She works with quiet female entrepreneurs to help them build confidence, clarity and strategy into their business. Jenna believes in building a brand around your unique strengths, zone of genius, gifts and personality to create a business and life you are wildly in love with.