“Just trust your intuition”, they say.

It’s one thing to hear or feel the call from our inner guide, but it’s a whole other bag of crystals to trust and action it!

2 years ago I made the following commitment “I will fearlessly trust in my intuition”.

Most of my life I spent searching externally for the answers that now I know are within me. I’d occasionally action my intuitive callings, but it was time to step it up a notch. And after having about 16+ healing sessions in a 3 month period and relying on others to tell me what I wasn’t willing to trust within myself, I knew it was time.


I’ve honestly always found the “trusting” part the hardest, as so many of us do.

We all know that gut feeling when something just doesn’t feel right, or we feel that spark of inspired excitement, encouraging us to follow our heart and souls desires.

But how do we cultivate enough trust in order to action those intuitive whispers?

THIS has been my mission over the past 2 years.


And I’m excited to share 3 tools with you that I use to nurture my relationship with my inner guide or intuition.



If I’m ever in doubt about what to do with an intuitive calling, I straight away reflect on past instances of when I have both trusted and ignored my intuition.

We all have a story and can remember thinking “Damn! I should have listened to my intuition!” It’s those times when you feel or know something and then before you have a chance to action it your fear based ego jumps in with 1001 reasons as to why it’s a bad idea to listen to your inner wisdom.

And then we have the stories where we actually plucked up the courage to hear our ego, but choose follow our intuition anyway. Over the past 2 years I have made it my mission to do this, no matter how uncomfortable it feels or how my ego chose to judge it. I’ve listened to my ego, but have chosen to action my intuitive whispers anyway. And I can tell you that 100% of those times I’ve gone with my gut it’s turned out more magical that I could have ever imagined!

So I encourage you to spend some time in reflection of the times you went with your intuition and had that desired (or more magical!) outcome and allow yourself to soak up the energy and courage that you had back then, and then bring it into your current situation.


Play it out

This one I love using when something seems so far out of left field to my ego, but the calling from my soul is so strong. I sit in meditation or a quiet space and close my eyes and simply play out the 2 scenarios in my mind. The 2 scenarios being; 1: what will happen if I trust my intuition? And 2: what will happen if I ignore my intuition? I then sit with the feelings that come up from deep within, all the while acknowledging my egos views and choosing to release them in favour of my souls desires. If you want to go a little deeper with this one you can use my ‘muscle testing video’ and test which scenario is in your highest good! Click HERE to check it out.


Ask the universe for guidance

Whenever I’m stuck on making a clear decision on an intuitive feeling, I ask for guidance. I sit in meditation or silence to centre myself for a few minutes. I then ask the question and pick an oracle card. And even when it doesn’t make sense straight away, I keep it on my bed side table and regularly look at it, and soon enough it always makes sense. It’s a lesson in trust itself, pulling a card and trusting the information you receive is exactly what you need to know. I love the divine guidance that comes through and it always amazes me how beautifully spot in the messages of support are.

Remember to take it one day at a time and one intuitive calling at a time. Each time you listen to your heart and soul it’ll get a little easier. Like anything, your intuitive muscle needs some attention to grow


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Steph is a self discovery and spiritual teacher, grounded in the practices of Kinesiology and Reiki, and infused with intuitive healing. She is super passionate about supporting women to reconnect with their intuition and live out their most blissful life.
“I believe we all have a divinely unique light of purpose, love and bliss that lies within. It’s when we find the courage to let go of the conditioned beliefs, thoughts and ‘should’s’ and journey within, that we truly connect with our authentic intuitive magic and experience the true bliss and limitless possibilities of life” Steph Demetrious.