Kicking goals day 2

In yesterdays article we looked at goals, how to find yours and how to start on the journey of being one of the 8% who reaches theirs, rather than the 92% who do not.

By now you hopefully have found that goal you really want to achieve and loved the process of creating a clear and creative vision board for your goals

Now you have a clear idea of what your goal is, and the vision board helps you look at it and assess in even more clarity. In fact, a vision board starts working even as you are making it.

By focusing on the visual representations of your goal, your mind is tuning in to that thing, whatever it is, giving it the attention it needs to begin taking action!

However, there is a little more to success than just a vision board itself, and so today we will be looking at our goals critically, to understand what we need to do to bring them to reality, and any obstacles we need to remove beforehand. This sounds a little complicated at first, but it really isn’t.


A good example would be one we used previously, someone wanting to go on a trip across the world to experience more of what it has to offer. Looking at that goal critically, we can say that a trip such as that one requires a significant sum of money. If you are in debt, with a credit card, for instance, that is going to be an obstacle to you reaching the goal of the trip.

So your first priority to reach that goal would be dealing with the debt.

It all sounds a little mundane for the subject of reaching for your dreams, but it does work. With any goal, you need to start by identifying any obstacles and make dealing with them a priority.

Add these to your vision board to help you focus, and do not be disheartened. The idea is to see clearly the path to your goal, think of it as a roadmap to a destination, rather than a series of dead ends to stop you.

Now you have your goals, your vision board that keeps your mind focused, and you have identified the obstacles and challenges that you need to overcome to get there. You have taken a giant stride toward reaching your goals, so well done!

Tomorrow we will move onto the final stage… see you then



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