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As we pass the end of another year and begin an exciting new one, many people’s thoughts turn to the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. I say dreaded because, according to research and The Huffington Post, only 8% of resolutions are actually completed, therefore they can often make us feel a bit deflated- starting a new year and realizing we didn’t fulfill even half of our goals in 2017

But this year it doesn’t have to be like that.  Instead, you can use this time of reflection and rebirth to make real changes in your life, and most importantly see those changes through. It does require effort though, just coming up with an idea of what you want to change and hoping it will happen, sadly doesn’t lead to much success. Instead, we want to help give you the best chance of fulfilling your goals, with our 3-Day Goal Setting Kick Starter!

And it all begins with a bit of forethought and planning, to make sure your ideas can become reality.  So how do we get those ideas and thoughts crystalized?  This is where the wonderful vision board can be your best friend.

Creating your 2018 Vision board

So what does 2018 hold for you? What change do you want to bring into your life? What Goals do you want to achieve?

This can be anything. You may want to take a trip to another country to broaden your knowledge of the wonderful world we live in, or maybe launch your own business? Or maybe you’d like to educate further in a particular field or topic?

It doesn’t even have to be a big goal- it just has to be true and honest about what you want to achieve in 2018.  So take your time you need and think about how you feel. Your emotions can be a great guide to the changes you really want to make. Do you dread going to work, or are sad all the time when there? Perhaps it’s time to do something else. Don’t rush this and find the thing your own subconscious is telling you to change or achieve in the coming year.

Once you have that, now it’s time to visualize what it is you want to do. Here is where the vision board comes in. If you have never used one before, it’s a really great tool.  In essence, it is a collage of the things you want to do, so for instance if you wanted to visit another country, you would have pictures of the place you want to go, for a change in career perhaps images or writing about the position you want, or the type of business you want to start. The most important thing is that the images relate to your goal and invoke passion for that thing within you.

It is the emotion that drives us to succeed, so again, don’t rush, get it right and find the images that connect with you personally.

Go crazy & elaborate with your vision board – to ensure it is really compelling and can be used as a reference point when your motivation dips and you need a great reminder of why this goal is so important to you.

Tomorrow we will have a look at assessing our goals and the practicalities of achieving them, but in the meantime, work out what goals you want to achieve and set up your vision board to get you on the way to success!

See you tomorrow!




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