2019 Goal-Setting Planner


We know that goal-setting is important to help us get clear on what we want to achieve and increase the likelihood that we’ll actually do the things we want to do in life.

Without goals, it can be common to feel a sense of purposelessness. You might feel lost, scattered, or stuck in a rut.


That’s why we’ve created a beautiful Goal-Setting Planner for 2019 to help you figure out what you want in the year ahead and define how you’ll get there!


Whether your goals are focused on improving your health, rocking your relationships, scaling your business, growing your savings account, travelling, or learning new hobbies (or creative activities), this gorgeous Goal-Setting Planner by The Daily Guru will help you along the way.

We’re so excited for you to start working on your goals, so just enter your email address below and your Goal-Setting Planner for 2019 will be on its way to your inbox very shortly!


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