The Daily Guru 2018 Self-Care Advent Calendar!

Ho, ho, ho… Welcome to our 2018 Self- Care Advent Calendar!

With Christmas just around the corner, The Daily Guru team wants to share in the celebration of 2018 with you – the lessons, the magic, the growth.

This December, we will be delightfully gifting you, our tribe, with opportunities to win some amazing gifts, products, coaching, and Xmas give-aways, from across the growth & wellbeing industry, through our very special Self- Care Advent Calendar!

And why…. well quite frankly, because we think you deserve it.

Here’s to a jolly Christmas and New Year!


On the first day of Christmas DG gave to me…

As our very first self-care give away, we are sharing a Coaching Session with DG Founder Rebecca Sparks!  So if you’d like to start the new year with some coaching to help you kick-start 2019, then schedule your complimentary coaching session with Rebecca below!

HOW TO REDEEM: Simply click the link below and book in your coaching session. Rebecca has limited availability, so make sure you’re quick and book in your session now, before her session availability runs out.



On the second day of Christmas…

Today we are excited to share…..2 nourishingly delicious recipes from the gorgeous Jess Sepel!!  

Simply click HERE to download her mouthwatering recipes!

On the third day of Christmas…

We are so envious of today’s gift from the amazing guys at Sain Belford. Simply enter your email address below to win 1 of 3x amazing Curation 2019 Diaries.

This is more than a just your average 2019 diary… Curation is a Lifestyle Curator providing you with the tools you need to take charge of your life, live mindfully and become the best, most vibrant version of yourself. Ultimately, it’s about designing and living a life that genuinely fulfills you, without compromising your wellbeing in the process.


Enter your email address below to be in with a chance to win this amazing gift! Good luck!

On the fourth day of Christmas…

WOW- 4 incredible Bucketlist journals!!! The Bucket List is the perfect place to dream, plan and document all the things you want to do before your time comes. It includes space to list 100 of the places, people and things you want to experience in this life. Featuring a textured hard cover in a range of inspiring colours, the Bucket List is the perfect size to take with you on your adventures.


To grab your copy please enter your email address below & we will notify our 4 lucky winner shortly!

On the fifth day of Christmas…

This is chance to craft your work and life around your character strengths! Your character strengths help define what’s best, unique, and maybe even quirky about you. This is such an exciting project to be a part of…. Simply enter your email address below to enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 seats in this one-of-a-kind growth opportunity.   What an incredible way to start the new year!!

To review this amazing study, and to find out further details, simply click here. 

p.s.  And DG will be involved in this amazing opportunity too…!

On the sixth day of Christmas…

Marie Forleo is an American life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host. She is the owner of Marie Forleo International, B-School and MarieTV and has had some stellar standout moments this year. These are our favourites! Grab a pen and journal because these videos are a minefield for golden truths and lessons for all entrepreneurs and people alike.


1: How to have business drive and inner peace

In Marie’s words: “You can be completely at harmony with the Universe and hustle for what you want.”

Phew, good to know! So often peace and success feel like competing and conflicting goals, but Marie, in her epic kind of way, explains it doesn’t have to be that way.

She explains that you can be a Type A driven go-getter and still lead a spiritual life in alignment with the cosmos.

Here are her three tips for finding your stress-free mojo while wildly bringing your big dreams to life.

Watch the video here


2: Everything is figureoutable

Did you catch Marie on Oprah’s Super Soul TV? If you missed it, you’re in luck! Marie shares how nearly missing a flight to Barcelona, Spain, to rekindle the spark in her marriage reminded her that “everything is figureoutable.” On the brink of losing it at the airport, she remembers the words of her mother: “Nothing in life is that complicated. All right? You can do whatever you set your mind to. You just roll up your sleeves, you get in there, and you do it. Everything is figureoutable.”

Watch the video here


3: Overcoming Self Doubt

Marie teamed up with Seth Godwin, best-selling American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker, to talk about overcoming self doubt. This one is right up there among our best Marie moments for 2016. In this interview, Seth and Marie share what to do if you’re afraid of being judged for your ideas (or afraid you’ll run out of ideas!), how to manage not getting overwhelmed by email or external demands, and why we all need to stop waiting for the ‘right moment’ before we get started.

Watch the video here


 4: What it takes to have an extraordinary life

In this episode, Marie talks to Tony Robbins, American businessman, author, and philanthropist, about his documentary I Am Not Your Guru, which has been described as a beautiful emotional journey to leadership. They talk candidly about his work, his life and some of the strategies he uses to spark such profound transformations in other. Marie soon finds herself in a mini coaching session with Tony, right in the middle of the interview. As Tony says in his profound way: “Our competitive advantage is love.”

A must watch. Head this way


5: Marie’s incredibly authentic & insightful Instastories!

Instastories have taken on their own life this year, consuming hours of our attention each week.  And if anyone is worthy of this attention, its Maries Instastories… They are a gorgeous peek behind the scenes into her own personal world. With life-time love Josh and friends appearing regularly in these amazing stories, they are well worth a watch.


6: B-school!!

Its her signature Program and every year it just gets better & better> Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, B‑School will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.

If you’re looking for a challenge in 2019 and to take your business to the next level,

Check this baby out!!

On the seventh day of Christmas…

7 incredible people who have contributed to the personal development and growth industry in 2018, leaving their imprint and inspiring us all.

Gabrielle Bernstein

With her new book, Judgement Detox, Gabby has continued inspiring people around the world to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Released at the start of 2018, Judgement Detox has been called “enlightening”, “engaging” and “informative” as it guides readers towards healing judgement and becoming more connected with others in practical ways.

Amanda Bisk

With the launch of her app, Fresh Body Fit Mind, Amanda Bisk has empowered people to practice yoga and be more active from the comfort of their own living rooms. Through her Instagram, she continues to share her passion for yoga and inspires people to live active, healthy lives.

Aileen Xu

Aileen is a popular podcaster, blogger and Youtube sensation who encourages her community to “make life their masterpiece.” In 2018, her beautiful journal called The Artist of Life Workbook, made its debut and shows people how to create an inspiring and successful year.

Danielle LaPorte

For years, Danielle LaPorte has been showing up for her community and inspiring them to grow in meaningful ways. 2018 was no exception as Danielle continued to share her yearly planners, meditations and apps with the world.

Rachel Hollis

A podcast called RISE, a book about becoming authentically you and a blog about work, travel, style, food and family… Need we say more about the powerhouse of personal development, Rachel Hollis?

Dr Libby Weaver

Aside from all her work to educate and empower people with their health, Dr Libby Weaver’s new book is all about cultivating self-love, using food to boost your natural beauty and how to stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Lori Harder

Through her personal growth programs, books, guides, podcast and speaking events, Lori Harder encourages people to live their best lives. In 2018, Lori’s event “The Bliss Project” inspired people to “trade excuses for empowerment” during a live 3-day event. “

On the eighth day of Christmas…

8x charities that need your help this xmas…

1: International Animal Rescue – if you want to help make a difference for animals suffering around the world, think about supporting the International Animal Rescue. They work to save, rehabilitate and release animals back into their natural habitat.

2: Make-A-Wish Foundation – a non-profit organisation that arranges “wishes” to come true for children diagnosed with critical illnesses.

3: SeaLegacy – founded by a pioneer of the modern conservation photography movement and a renowned National Geographic polar photographer, SeaLegacy works to create healthy and abundant oceans through expeditions and campaigns.

4: Kiva – give a loan (not a donation!) to someone living in a country where people often can’t access fair and affordable sources of credit. For example, Mukula in India was a child bride who used a Kiva loan to grow her sari-weaving business so she can support her family.

5: Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia – buy a gift online from the Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia which provide income and employment to artisans across Africa and support Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia which provide free fistula treatment for hundreds of women in Ethiopia.

6: Pediatric Cancer Foundation – a non-profit organisation committed to making pediatric cancer a “relic of the past.” PCF works towards this vision by supporting the seminal research, doctors and institutions where progress is made.

7: Heifer International – with the aim to improve access to income, education, sanitation, water sources, health care and infrastructure, Heifer International work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and care for the earth.

8: Bali Street Dogs – the Bali street dog fund was established to enhance the welfare of dogs and cats in Bali. If you live in Melbourne (Australia), keep an eye out for “Bali Night” which is a yearly fundraising event for Bali Street Dogs.

On the ninth day of Christmas…

Here’s your chance to win a place in The Daily Guru’s Self Series! This course is all about learning how to self-reflect, developing your sense of self-esteem, taking good care of your body and mind, finding new ways to grow and becoming more empowered. It’s the ultimate course in becoming the best version of yourself that you can be!

Simply enter your email address below to be in with a chance of winning!

On the tenth day of Christmas…

To get in the real spirit of things, today we are giving away 10 super festive computer screen savers just for you!! CLICK HERE to access all 10 and feel free to comment below & let us know which is your favourite!

CLICK HERE to download Xmas Screensaver 1

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On the eleventh day of Christmas…

Click here to download her 11 gorgeous downloads!  

On the twelfth day of Christmas…

Daily Guru gave to me…


“12 Instagram accounts to help you achieve better wellbeing in 2019

1: @thrive for meaningful quotes and mental health tips
2: @themerrymakersisters for self-love tips and healthy recipes
3: @stillnessproject for meditation and quotes
4: @goodful for balanced living ideas
5: @thatschelsea for plant-based, simple food ideas
6: @goop for food and lifestyle tips
7: @thebalancedblonde for wellness tips and healing
8: @goodlifeproject for mental health tips and quotes
9: @yummololaberry for food and yoga
10: @mindbodygreen for general wellness tips
11: @getlovedup for yoga, health and vegan lifestyle inspiration
12: @ljclarkson for self-acceptance and general wellbeing


On the thirteenth day of Christmas…

On the fourteenth day of Christmas…

On the fifteenth day of Christmas…

On the sixteenth day of Christmas…

On the seventeenth day of Christmas…

On the eighteenth day of Christmas…

On the nineteenth day of Christmas…

On the twentieth day of Christmas…

On the twenty-first day of Christmas…

On the twenty-second day of Christmas…

On the twenty-third day of Christmas…

On the twenty-fourth day of Christmas…

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