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It’s almost that exciting time of the year again! Soon the Christmas trees will be out, the lights will be decorating many homes and we’ll be organising gifts for those we love. If you’re looking for the perfect presents to help the recipients improve their wellness, we’ve totally got you covered.

In this article, you’ll discover 20 of our favourite wellness gifts for Christmas!

Let’s dive in!


1: A monthly pass to a yoga studio

Your yoga-loving friend or family member will have a great time trying some new classes at a yoga studio! Do some research to find a studio in their area, or shout them a month of classes at their current studio.

2: Wellness box subscription

There are many different wellness boxes available via subscription and they include thoughtful gifts, such as healthy treats, luxurious skin care products, kombucha, magazines, quote cards and journals!

3: Natural skin/hair care products

Because who doesn’t love a natural skin or hair care product to try?! Help a loved one minimise the amount of chemicals in their life with this fun gift.

4: A journal

There are so many thoughtful journals available which are designed specifically to help people improve their wellbeing. This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to write and loves to set goals!

5: Cooking classes

Give the gift of delicious food and new skills in the kitchen with some cooking classes. Why not buy some for yourself so you can go together?!

6: A gift certificate for a massage

We all need a little self-care and a gift certificate for a massage is the perfect way to treat someone you love with some “me-time”.

7: A stylish water bottle

Help the planet AND give someone a useful gift with a stylish, re-useable water bottle!

8: Bath salts

If you know someone who enjoys taking baths, then give them some beautiful aromatic bath salts to help them make the most of their self-care time.

9: Smoothie bombs

A tasty and healthy snack, smoothie bombs also make a cute, convenient and fun gift.

10: An indoor plant

Did you know that indoor plants can help improve air quality? Buy your loved one an indoor plant which is easy to care for (and helps purify air), such as a peace lily or snake plant (also known as mother-in-law’s tongue).

11: A yoga mat

There are so many beautiful yoga mats available, which are also good for the planet! Do some research and find your loved one the perfect mat to support their yoga practice.

12: Wellbeing magazine subscription

Is there a wellbeing magazine your friend or family member buys every single month? If they don’t have a subscription yet, then buy one for them! They’ll be able to enjoy your thoughtful gift all year long.

13: A floating experience

Know someone who has been struggling with stress? Buy them a floating session so they can relax and meditate without interruption.

14: A gift certificate for active wear

Many of us feel inspired and motivated when we put on new active wear, so why not gift an active wear voucher to someone you love?

15: A sleeping mask, pillow spray or relaxation candle

If a loved one has been experiencing difficulties in getting to sleep, then some beautiful sleep tools could be a great present. Put together a little sleep kit with a sleeping mask, an aromatic candle for relaxation, some pillow spray, comfortable pyjamas and a meditation album for sleep.

16: Access to a meditation app

Speaking of meditation, why not gift a loved one access to a meditation app? Many apps allow you to purchase them as gifts for other people and they can be an easy and meaningful way to incorporate meditation into daily life.

17: A stand up paddle board

For your active friend or family member, get them a gift like a stand up paddle board, kayak or surfboard so they can get outside and have some fun!

18: Mala beads

Know someone who loves to meditate? Find them a beautiful set of mala beads to use during their meditation practice.

19: A recipe book

Head down to your local bookstore and buy a gorgeous recipe book (or two!) to gift your special person. With beautiful images, simple recipes, kitchen tips and healthy ideas, recipe books are the perfect gift for someone wanting to improve their wellbeing.

20: A gift hamper of your favourite wellness products

If you’re feeling a little bit creative, try putting together your own gift hamper of wellness products! You can buy a basket or box, decorate it with some tissue paper and then fill it up with thoughtful wellness products (like healthy snacks, natural skin care products and self-care items), gift vouchers, or wellness experiences you’ll take your loved one to.

Wishing you all the best with your wellness gift shopping from all of us here at The Daily Guru!



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