20 something? This is not the decade to waste. Set the foundations for your career, family and future now.

Claiming your 20’s is one of the most transformative acts you can do for yourself. When you do so, you consciously choose to lay the foundations for your career, family and future for the rest of your life. It’s important that you stop thinking of your 20’s as an extended adolescence. This decade defines your adulthood. It is the time when you need to be ambitious and create your success.

If you choose to waste this decade, you risk waking up in your 30’s to everyone else settling down and you settling for second best in partnership, career and life. You risk forcing yourself to do all your development in the areas of marriage, career and kids in your 30’s. Don’t be one of the many people in their 30’s who looks back on their 20’s with regret at all the waisted opportunities.


Here are three ways you can seize your decade as a 20 something and create the life you have always dream of:


Be Brave

Set up that business, travel, and study. Invest in your own future, explore ideas, be creative and do something that counts, which adds to your life now and in the future.


Try new things, don’t go with the flow

Step outside of your social group, comfort zone, suburb! Don’t reduce your wold view. Try new things, talk to new people and embrace new opportunities. One chance meeting could change the rest of your life.


Don’t settle for average, in anything!

You are in control of your life. You choose your career, friends and life partner. You can design your life if you choose to. Don’t wait until you feel pressure to take that job, stick with that friend who brings your down or marry that guy who is nice enough just because everyone else around you already has a solid job, great social life or wedding plans. The best time to work on your dream job, life and marriage is before you have these things. Consciously think about what you want in a job, friendship, partner and life.

Choose what you want, don’t leave it until someone chooses for you.


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Laura Carrocci is a life strategist and wellbeing coach. Laura works with individuals helping them with all aspects of their wellbeing, from discovering strengths and purpose, gaining clarity, living mindfully, developing self-belief, pursuing passion, career transition, stress, time management, sleep and physical health and wellbeing.

Laura brings to coaching a deep understanding of stress management and interventions for wellbeing.